Pieces of Wheat (Fibers) Cereal Vita is with new identity


Corsetti, a reference brand in the segments of oats, cereals, granola, derivative of corn and cassava from Germani Alimentos, presents to the market the new look of Pieces of Wheat (Fibers) 250g Cereal Vita.

The new layout features a lighter, gradient composition in soft orange to white, which emphasizes the benefits of the product to consumer’s health and seeks to facilitate its identification at the point of sale.

Extracted from the skin of wheat grain, Pieces of Wheat (Fibers) is a low-calourie source of fibers that helps to control cholesterol level and to increase satiety. Therefore, when combined with a balanced diet, it helps you to lose weight with health. As a food rich in fiber, the bran helps even in the functioning of the intestine and its consumption is indicated for those who have constipation.

The Pieces of Wheat (Fibers) 250g Cereal Vita can be used to add fibers in recipes of biscuits, breads, soups, cakes, pies, juices, vitamins and even beans, for example, without changing the taste of the preparations.

The product is already available for commercialization in bales with 12 packages for small, medium and large retailers, wholesalers and distributors throughout South, Southeast and Midwest of Brazil.