White Peanut

Whether toasted, salty or sweetish, White Peanut Corsetti is ideal to make recipes like “pé de moleque”, paçoca, among others. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps to maintain the skin healthy. Naturally cholesterol free, it helps to improve the humor with its serotonin composition. Futhermore, it helps to convert stocks of body fat into energy and its composed by phosphor, important ingredient for memory.

Little Barley 

Also called barley in grain, Little Barley Corsetti is a versatile food and rich in nutrients. With soft texture, it can be served in recipes of salad, soup an even in “risotto”. You can cook it and create special dishes with vegetables and seasoning of your choice. Due to its high fiber content, Little Barley helps in digestion and also has a diuretic effect, which cleanses the body impurities. For containing low calories and gives the sensation of satiety, it is an important ingredient for those who seek to lose weight with health.

Doled Pea

Rich in fibers e proteins, Doled Pea Corsetti has Vitamin A, important for vision and for bones health; vitamins of complex B, which develop functions in metabolism and digestion; and Vitamin C, essential in the healing process. You can combine the leguminous along with meats, soups, salads, salted pies, pizzas among other delicious recipes.

Wheat Canjica

Produced with selected grains, Wheat Canjica Corsetti comes with all wheat nutrients preserved. Source of fibers, it helps in digestion and in reduction of cholesterol and can be used in the preparation of salads, soups, “carreteiro”, sweet and salty canjicas, among many others.

Wheat for Kibe

A typical ingredient of Arabic culinary, Wheat for Kibe Corsetti is and whole, versatile and high yield food, perfect for preparing your recipes, such as kibe, salads (like the “tabule”), salted pies, fillings for baked vegetable and more. It is rich in fibers, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, magnesium and selenium. Therefore, the grain helps in controlling diabetes, weight and has antioxidants, which inhibit the aging of the skin.